Saturday, November 19, 2016

She keeps us laughing!

K: Dear God, thank you for kitty cats. They're my favorite. *sigh* And I wish I WAS a cat. So thanks for that. Amen.

K: The wise men didn't have anything back then. Except their rocks. Their ugly, boring rocks.

K, looking at a dollar bill: There's Sam the Statue (referring to the Sam Houston statue on I-45).
Me: Actually, that's George Washington, the first President of the United States.
K: So did you vote for him?

K: Do you speak animal?
Me: What?
K: You know, do you speak dog?
Me: Do YOU speak dog?
K: Sometimes.

K, playing with a balloon: Wow! Holy honk!

K: Ugh, I can't yodel. I give up. I just give up.

K: I'm kind of delicate. Kind of.

Dave: Hey, you got your soccer uniform. You're #2!
K (disgusted): 2 is for poop.

K: Happy birthday, Mommy! You look taller.

K: What's 100 + 100? 
Me: 200.
K: What's 200 + 200?
Me: 400.
K: What's 400 + 400?
Me: 800. How long is this going to go on?
K (without hesitation): About 20 minutes.

K: Dear God... I don't know if today is your birthday, but if it is, Happy Birthday! I only know that today is Mia's birthday.

K (in the bathroom): I can't go!!! WHY IS GOD NOT HELPING ME?!?!?

K: Why do you always have to do your medicine (insulin)?
Dave: That's just how God made me.
K: Oh my goodness, Daddy!!! God made me special, too! We are BOTH SPECIAL!!!!! Sorry, Mommy, but I have a little arm and Daddy has his medicine... Party in the house!!!!

Me: You've been to the school nurse three times this week. Do you like going to the nurse?
K: Yes.
Me: You really need to be in the classroom as much as possible.
K: Well... I can't promise that.

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