Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hand Camp 2018

We got to go to Scottish Rite's Hand Camp this year! This was a really big deal because the camp could only accommodate a limited number of families. We went two years ago and loved it, and this year may have been even better. 1st grade has been a little rough for Katelyn, arm-wise, and she really needed Hand Camp. It's the one time of year that she can be around other kids she doesn't know and no one will ask questions, make "broken arm" comments, whisper, or stare. The kids at camp, and many of the counselors, have some form of upper limb difference. It is a family camp, so siblings of limb difference kids attend (Ryan isn't old enough yet), but no one thinks twice when they see others with missing fingers, a little arm, or no arm at all. It just seems normal! In fact, when we returned from camp, I had to look twice when I saw kids without limb differences. Ha!

Hula hoop and jump rope happened every day before meals

cooking class-- making apple donuts and zucchini pizzas

making her pillow case... all on her own, she wrote "we are all different"

finished product

making a jar aquarium

Our family brick from Hand Camp two years ago! 

Knowing Katelyn needed to overcome some fears, we signed up for the rock climb/zip line. It took a lot of prodding and she was not a fan, but she did it!

We are so very thankful for Scottish Rite and the opportunity to go to Hand Camp. Thankful for new friendships made, new experiences, and time with our girl.

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