Sunday, June 24, 2018

Jeeps and Jellybeans

I'm so proud of Ryan! This little guy is potty trained! Potty training was sponsored by Starburst jellybeans and Jeeps. At Easter we learned that he loves jellybeans, so he quickly caught on to earning one jellybean at a time for potty training. He's obsessed with all things "vroom", but especially Jeeps (we have no idea why), so after some big successes, he earned a ride in a Jeep-- either our friend Paul's Jeep or Tio Jonathan's (so grateful for friends/family who rejoice with us in milestones!). One day Ryan got to ride in the Jeep to Costco, one of his favorite places. On the way, we happened to see firetrucks and tractors. Let's just say it was a good day to be Ryan!

AND, for the most part, Ryan has stopped sucking his thumb. This is HUGE. He was HARD CORE. As in, every single one of my ultrasound pictures show him sucking his thumb. We've been dreading breaking this habit, but one day Dave simply mentioned to Ryan that "Big boys don't put their thumbs in their mouths." Ryan clearly did not like that, as he is very proud of being a big boy. And just like that, Ryan stopped. If he sucks his thumb in bed, he confesses it to me the next morning. What in the world?!? It's very strange, but I'll take it! I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Dave is the one who said it; Ryan ADORES his daddy. 

Another big thing in the life of Ryan was going to a baseball game recently. We went as a family and I honestly thought it was risky to bring a 2 year old to a game. But he LOVED it! He's still talking about it and always saying he wants to watch baseball on tv with Daddy.

And of course, he charmed alllll the ladies sitting around us with those big brown eyes and coy smile! He's getting so big so fast.

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